Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hottie of the Month!

Christian Kane – musician, actor, longhair, country boy, entrepreneur, hottie!
You can catch him on Tuesday nights at 10 pm on TNT for the acting part, or you can take a listen to the music part right here. This one is called Whiskey in Mind.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Did Santa not visit you?

Maybe this is why. He was otherwise engaged, er, uh, being eaten, I mean.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Watch out Bumblebee!

I'm pretty sure the Macs can win this war!


Monday, December 22, 2008

To peruse, enjoy or make you think.

Some of the most beautiful photography. Michael Kenna's Silent World series.

Not only some great photography, but some tips, and some travel insight at the Wayfaring Wanderer.

Because everyone should be able to tie the knot, get the White Knot badge for your blog or website.

Drive 58 and explore.

A real, historic country store is celebrating 100 years!

Take the emotional intelligence test to see where you stand.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Quote of the Day

Billy Simon -
I've got to make like a sheep herder and get the flock out of here!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Personality Test, anyone?

It turns out, I do have a personality! I'm an ENFP & Type 7. Seems pretty accurate overall.

ENFP - "Journalist". Uncanny sense of the motivations of others. Life is an exciting drama. 8.1% of total population.
Take Free Jung Personality Test
personality tests by


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Department Store Fueds

My nephew works at Wal-Mart Distribution, so I thought it only fitting I post this video from their competition's Dumb Employee of Year Award nominees....


Friday, November 7, 2008

My new fun

The Lolcats website has a news feature, so I'm having fun coming up with rude captions for pictures of our soon-to-be prez. Like this one?

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The new bumper sticker


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Attempting to blog from my phone

Isn't technology fun.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I voted

I voted. I was #255 at about 7:40 am after the polls had been open since 6 am. That's pretty good for a town of around 1,200. We had less than 500 people total vote for Mayor back in May. I had to wait in line about half an hour. We had three voting machines this year (more than any other election). I noticed many people who had obviously never noted before, or at least hadn't voted in the past 8-12 years.

Polls have tightened in many battleground states, hopefully Virginia won't embarrass the hell out of me this year. I hate it when those in Northern Virginia get their way. There is so much more to Virginia that those people, but many forget that. A lot of Virginia is rural, small-town, mountainous. Wouldn't know that from the likes of Arlington, Alexandria, etc.

I seriously think that if anyone was undecided by the time they were in front of a voting machine, they are going to break for McCain. We still know so very little about Obama. Oh, he talks a good talk, but has ever proved he can deliver on the grandiose things he says? No. He has sealed his college records, his thesis, his medical records. How can someone running for public office get away with that? Especially when the Dems demanded Sarah Palin release her medical records. And all Obama has released is a letter from his doctor saying he's healthy. Yeah, right!

Obama thinks the only things we should go on in order to learn his character and background are the two books he has written about himself. As if because he wrote it, it must be true. Which isn't always the case. Even if he perceived it all to be the truth at the time, that doesn't mean that's what it actually was. I'm reading "Dreams of my Father." In it, Obama accuses his grandfather of his own "revisionist history." I think that's who Obama learned it from. You can change your own history whenever you want, as long as you repeat it enough times. That's what he accuses his own grandfather of doing, and it's what he has done since he began running for public office. That, to me, is scary. And I find it so hard to believe that otherwise smart people are falling for it. They are blinded by the light, so to speak. Obama is all rhetoric and no substance. He's the equivalent of a dumb blonde, or a stupid jock. All show, no substance. And a whole bunch of people are going to be sorely disappointed if he wins when he turns out to not be what they thought he was.

Election officials checking the rolls at the Community Center.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Tired of politics?

Will you be glad when Nov. 4th is over? You can get the special at Tastee Freeze in Brookneal.

Friday, October 31, 2008

And you think you work with loons?

They dress like this everyday. Seriously. (Barbara, Tina & Roslin)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Raisin' McCain

You'll never guess who I met today!

Doug McCain, one of John McCain's sons. He was traversing Virginia, visiting small-town newspapers that don't publish dailies. He had lunch with my publisher and editor and when my editor said there were a few McCain supporters back at the office, he immediately said, "lets go meet them!" So they did. He was really nice, friendly, and hung around a few minutes even though his "tour" was way behind schedule.

Can't say I've seen any of Obama's family hanging around South Hill, Virginia. Hm.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Drill here, drill now

Here's a great video of the band plus Aaron Tippin performing on Mike Huckabee's show.


What I miss

I don't know if it was his shampoo, cologne or soap, but after my Dad would come back from a shower, all scrubbed clean with damp hair, and take his spot in his chair in the den, he always smelled so good. I loved to hug him then. Every once in a while, I get a faint whiff of that clean smell. I wonder if he's nearby, or if it's just my imagination.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

How to use a door

Why am I continiously and utterly surprised by the inconsiderate-ness of people in general? I should be used to this by now. Apparently a lot of people were raised in caves and have never seen doors before, because they sure don't know how to use them when they get out in public at, say, a hotel. Don't most people know not to go slamming doors at 9 am? And at a hotel, ya know, these fancy-ass doors, they close by themselves, so all it takes to stop one from slamming is to stick your hand out for, like, 2 seconds. OMG! In and out, in and out. What are people doing? Checking the hallway to make sure it's clear? Of what? Running from room to room of everyone who came from work to their conference? They must all work in cubicles too, since they've never used doors before. Or it could just be that by the time they walk the 10 miles from the lobby down the longest freakin' corridor I've ever seen (and I've followed a rock band around, seen lotsa hotels) they were so damn tired, they forgot all about proper public decorum.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Why again are you voting for Obama??

You think people aren't voting for Obama just because he's black when they have NO CLUE what the issues are?! Of all people, Howard Stern, did an experiment. Watch and be afraid.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

You say it's your birthday

My sister Diana celebrated her big 5-0 on Oct. 5. We celebrated our usual way, with filet mignon and family board or card games! Diana looks like a seasoned poker pro. And c'mon, not a day over 49!

Like mother like son. Can you tell they're related? I'm not sure which one takes after the other. Don't ask me where Josh has playing cards at.

We played a card came called Fluxx, which just about describes my life! It's a game where the rules and goals are ever-changing. It's like Schizophrenic Uno.

The food was good (Josh has that grill down to a science, it's a guy-thing, I think) and we had more sauteed mushrooms to go around because 2nd son Jake couldn't make it (everybody but Diana loves those things!)

After awhile, we got tired of being silly with no reason, so we drug out the gallon of Cuervo Gold and tried to remember how to do shots (been a long time, you know). Problem was, no lemons, and no shot glasses. We decided to just forget about the citrus, but check out what we used as shot glasses! Little plastic ketchup cups! Worked in a pinch! It reminded me of taking shots of Nyquil! Now if I can just remember where in the garage my shot glasses are packed up at, we can finish off that bottle one night! Woohoo! My birthday is coming up, you know!


Friday, October 10, 2008

This says it all


Thursday, October 9, 2008

What's mine is yours

Then read this:

Time to clean house

When confronted with Sarah Palin's executive experience, Obama has referenced his managing of his own campaign as significant experience to counter Palin's governor job. Well, read more about Obama's campaign management style from a CBS reporter:

Seeing How The Other Half Lives

From CBS News' Dean Reynolds:

(NASHVILLE, TENN.) - After most of the previous 12 months covering Barack Obama's campaign for the presidency, it was interesting, instructive and, well, relaxing to follow John McCain for the last few days. The differences between the two are striking.

Read more
How Obama keeps his plane (and his campaign) is a clear indication of how he will keep the White House and America.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Some things are more brilliant than others



Not a song by Fleetwood Mac!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

With friends like these...

Obama's friends:

William Ayers
• Bill Ayers: Unrepentant LYING Terrorist

• Inside Obama’s Acorn

• ACORN Vegas Office Raided in Voter Fraud Investigation

Jeremiah Wright

• Obama's Pastor: God Damn America, U.S. to Blame for 9/11

Tony Rezko

• Q&A: Barack Obama and Tony Rezko

Raila Odinga
• Odinga says Obama is his cousin
• Prospect of Obama victory raises fears
• Book links Obama to massacre of Christians

Franklin Raines
• Palin Adds Fannie Mae Execs to List of Objectionable Obama Associates
• Do Facts Matter?
• Wikipedia

James Johnson
• Barack Obama advisor Jim Johnson quits under fire
• Obama Criticized for Jim Johnson

Ali Abunimah

Arab-American Activist Says Obama Hiding Anti-Israel Stance

Bernardine Dohrn

• Was Bernardine Dohrn the Mentor of Michelle Obama at Sidley Austin?

Marilyn Katz

Marilyn Katz, is she a friend of Obama's?

• Ex SDS Behind Obama’s Anti-War Speech

Dorothy Tillman
• Chicago Connections: Barack Obama, Dorothy Tillman and Tony Rezko
• Will 3rd Ward politics affect Obama's presidential race?

• Obama not in Machine? How about Dorothy Tillman for Alderman

Louis Farrakhan
• Obama's Farrakhan Test
• Michelle Obama and Louis Farrakhan Take on Whitey

Rev. James Meeks
Obama’s Other Bigoted Spiritual Leader (With A Special Appearance By Tony Rezko)

Rashid Khalidi

Obama Worked with Terrorist
• Obama, Ahmadinejad, and Khalidi: An Axis of Evil

George Soros

Soros, Obama, and the Millionaires Exception

George Soros Backs Obama (But Hedges His Bets)

Khalid al Mansour

• Obama Had Close Ties to Top Saudi Adviser at Early Age

• Who is Khalid al-Mansour?


Don't understand the economic crisis?

Take 10 minutes to get educated.


African mafia?

Okay, if Obama's ties to William Ayers don't bother you (please read the previously posted article on that topic, where the author spent time studying actual documents to prove there is more of a connection than Obama has admitted to) then maybe the Kenyan government connection will bother you. It's not that Obama supports certain people in Kenya. His father was Kenyan, I'd expect him to. It's how he's going about it and the tactics he's supporting that bother me. And the fact that whenever there is any credible question about Obama, his "enforcers" swoop in to bury it.

[WND senior staff reporter Jerome] Corsi was set to show Obama and [Kenya Prime Minister Raila] Odinga have been in direct contact since the senator's visit to Kenya in 2006. He was to claim Obama advised Odinga on campaign strategy and helped him raise money in the U.S. for the Kenya presidential campaign.

Corsi was to report Odinga's 2007 presidential campaign strategy called for exploiting anti-Kikuyu tribal sentiments, claiming victory and charging voter fraud even if the campaign knew the election had been legitimately lost. Odinga, Corsi said, also was willing to fan the flames of ethnic tribal tensions and use violence as a last resort by calling for mass action that led to the destruction of properties, injuries, loss of life and the displacement of over 500,000 Kenyans. The purpose was to compel the Electoral Commission of Kenya to declare him the winner or enable him to declare himself the winner by force.
– from World Net Daily Dispatch from Kenya

Corsi didn't have time to release this information in a press conference before Kenyan Immigration swooped in and "detained" him. Coincidence? I don't think so.

If this doesn't make you question Obama, then you are in serious need of medical help.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Show me the money

It's called Redistribution of Wealth, and it's something the Democrats have always tried to do. They won't call it that. Biden, in the VP debate, called it "fairness." But it's not really. They're just playing semantics with your money.

Here's the idea:

Obama says everyone in the country who makes less than $250,000 will get a tax break. Everything I've read says it will actually be in the form of a check, like a rebate check. Okay, checks from the government are good (as long as they don't bounce.)

The problem is that about 40% of Americans don't pay taxes, because they don't make enough to be taxed. So you'd think those people obviously would not be included when you go giving rebate checks to taxpayers, right? Wrong!

Obama's plan would give non-taxpayers rebate checks also. That means they'd be getting money back for something they didn't pay out for to begin with. So basically, taxpayers would be giving hand-outs to non-taxpayers.

Biden calls it "fairness." I call it stealing.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Make up your mind

Biden: "The American people have the stomach for success."

Hm. He said that regarding Darfur. Well, what about Iraq? Can we not have success there? No? It goes against your politics. Oh right. I forgot. It has to be politically correct in order for success to happen. Oops. My bad.

Biden: "We will end this war."

He said that regarding Iraq. Well, what about winning it? A win is even in sight. God forbid we win now because then all the Dems that voted against it would be, dare I say it, wrong?!

Fundamental Debate count

The VP debate isn't even over yet, but I've counted 5 (that's five) "fundamental differences" between Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin. Hm. Each one was said to be the fundamental difference, according to Biden. Can he not count? Or does he just like using four-syllable words?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Straight from the gut.

Here is one take on the bailout crisis. What's scary is that it is frighteningly true.

-from the Daily Gut

See -whenever the economy goes south - we rag on Wall Street. But when we do this - we conveniently forget that these are the actual people who are creating wealth and commerce. Remember - it wasn't the rich who took out crappy loans from dodgy lenders for homes they couldn't afford. It wasn't the rich defaulting on these loans, leaving us with this mess.

Nope- it was the poor who borrowed and never saved. But you can't blame them. One, because you're Satan. And two: It's not really true. It's really the Democrats who are guilty. They not only embraced, but enforced, this phony Robin Hood philosophy -thinking that forcing banks to give loans to meth-heads would make the world a better place. The result? We all went to hell in a three bedroom condo.

And then who suffers? Whoever has their savings and retirement invested in the stock market. Sure, most of us have years to rebound. But what about those people within five years of retiring? Their investments might not have time to bounce back. Nobody seems to be thinking about those people who have paid into the system for 40 years only to lose most of their retirement right when they need it the most. Everyone is too concernced about a bunch of high-risk home buyers who never should have been given home loans to start with. Owning your own home is not the be-all end-all people make it out to be. There is nothing wrong with renting, if that's all you can afford. Needless to say, the high-risk home buyers who have defaulted on loans they never should have been given probably don't have much invested in the stock market.

So as much as I hate, hate, hate bailing out the banking industry, I think a bailout is a good idea, otherwise, we're going to have homeless people or, God forbid, renters, on both sides of the spectrum -- those that should never have been given home loans, and those that are about to lose their retirement savings in the stock market.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One of my submissions

Brody Jenner Matthew Fox
see more famous faces look-a-likes

Take the Politics Test.

My results. I'm totally middle of the road. Hm. Interesting! Mine all boils down to individual issues. Right now, my pervading issue is terrorism. Might be different tomorrow. But I doubt it.

You are a

Social Moderate
(55% permissive)

and an...

Economic Moderate
(50% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Free Online Dating
Also : The OkCupid Dating Persona Test
My results.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Another Problem with Obama

Okay, watching the debate. Why does Obama keep answering a question by saying, "The question we should be asking is .... " Um, no. The question has already been asked. Answer that one, not the one you think should have been the question. That makes a debate pointless. Answer the questions that you are asked, not the ones you think should be asked. What an idiot!

3rd Time is the Charm

Doubtful. For the third time since January 2005, I have to haul my iMac to the Apple store. Power supply problem. I just hope they'll still honor the warranty. If you know me, you know I'd rather use paper and pen than use a PC, I'd follow Apple to the ends of the Earth, but really! What's the deal with the faulty power supplies in the iMac G4s? If I'd had to pay for it last time (exactly a year ago to the month), it would have cost nearly $1000 (power supply & logic board.)

In other news... here is a journal entry from this day in 1990:

Wed. Sept. 26, 1990 - 4:51 pm
God! Lisa will love this! She loves the Doors! I'm at Kevin's at his band's rehearsal and he sounds just like Jim Morrison! She'll freak out! I'm sitting in the living room and they're in the bedroom. They're pretty damn good. I blew all my classes yesterday but did some yearbook brainstorming – Kevin just came and asked me what they should classify themselves as – he suggested "modern classic rock." I told him I'd think on it. Anyway, they're doing a slow song now. Yup, they're pretty good. – Well, yesterday, me and Tami Melvin went to Gumby's. Had a good time! Keef was there. – I gotta go.
Ah, memories! Lisa: still my best friend. Gumby's: my fave bar in college. Tami Melvin: a good friend in college, especially that first semester. I've emailed with her recently. Kevin: a cute longhair I dated once. Keef: the one that got away.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hottie of the Week!

Shemar Moore from the TV show Criminal Minds. Pretty much the reason I started watching. I just think he's adorable.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Favorite political quote of the day.

"Vote for the Hero and not the Zero."

As said in a comment at Michelle Malkin's blog.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Got sarcasm?

Only Greg Gutfeld could get to the bottom of Sarah Palin's remarkable rise to fame and power. Everything will be explained!

Be careful who your friends are...

Maybe Rev. Wright isn't the worst friend Obama has. Obama says he isn't good friends with William Ayers, but I wouldn't even want to live in the same town as this guy. Read about him here!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

This Day in MY History!

It being Sept. 11, I thought I'd post some of my journal entries I made on this fateful day back in 2001, as events unfolded. At the time, I was living in a high-rise apartment building in downtown Pittsburgh.

...My horoscope did not say today would be the day the world ended. This morning, 4 airplanes were hijacked. One was flown into one of the World Trade Towers. About 10 minutes later, a 2nd one crashed into the other tower. They were evacuating people about an hour later when one at a time, the towers collapsed.... Locally, all the universities shut down at noon. All federal buildings in the whole country have been evacuated. All of downtown here has been evacuated. Nationally, every single flight in the whole country has been grounded... The White House has been evacuated and no one knows where the President is. Air Force One is in the air somewhere flanked by fighter jets. This whole thing is really really unreal. It looks like they've closed down the bridges and tunnels into downtown Pittsburgh...

I can't believe the World Trade Center no longer exists...You should see the video of the Towers collapsing. It's just horrible. People had broken windows near the top floors to get air and were waving for help. Then the whole thing collapsed. All these people were jumping from the 100th floor and so on. Can you imagine? Can you imagine living through the planes crashing into the buildings and then having the building just collapse underneath you? We said another Pearl Harbor would never happen. This is worse. This is not a military strike. It's a human strike!

The Palistinians on the West Bank are celebrating the attacks... They are giving out candy on the West Bank. Okay, time to blow the West Bank to somewhere else on the globe. The astronauts at the space station say they can see the smoke from space.

This has been the longest hour and a half of my life ever. It seems like all this came to head hours and hours ago, but I didn't get any detailed info until I got home from school, which was after noon, and it's only 1:40 now.
The country may take time on Sept. 11 every year to remember those that died that day in 2001, but I don't think many people remember how they felt that day. The horror, the sadness, the helplessness. If more people remembered how they felt that day, rather than the physicalities of what happened that day, more people would be concerned about our national security.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Biden Gaffe #682

OMG! This is classic Biden!


Friday, September 5, 2008


McCain Blogette: Whatever your political leanings, you should check out this website. It's from Meghan McCain (John McCain's daughter.) As someone who lost her father and misses him terribly, I find this website refreshing in its candor of a daughter's love. It's unaffected and genuine. Plus I love all the photos of life on the campaign trail.
(See live updated link at right.)

Password Wallet: I've been trying for years to come up with the best way to store passwords. First, I used an Excel spreadsheet. Easy to put them in, not so easy to search for the one you're looking for and get it out. Then I created my own little database in FileMaker Pro. That worked for a long time and it was easy to search for what you wanted. Then, when I bought a new laptop, I suddenly had two sets of passwords (one on the desktop, one on the laptop, and possibly a third at work) to combine. It was tedious trying to manually sync up the machines. Well, Password Wallet does all that for you. It easily stores everything, has a place for notes (I usually put in the date I created my passwords), it will help generate them, and the feature I love best, it will sync up with another Wallet file so they are both the same! One master password is all you need to get in the program. And, it's shareware. A mere $20 for all that!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

'Nuther One!

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

My Latest Funny!

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Go sign up and vote for it!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pet Peeve for Today

You sign into a website requiring usernames & passwords and check off "Remember me!" and it doesn't. Is this a problem with my computer accepting cookies, because it's set to do just that. Remembers me on other sites just fine. Or is it a problem with the code on the website of choice? Don't know, but it's annoying. Remember me or not, but stop tempting me with the shortcut!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tina has a new pen pal!

You know you've made it when you have random prisoners writing you letters! Yes, Tina received one at the office today. It's been a longstanding joke around here, people getting letters from prisoners, thanks to a former sales girl who got a letter from an inmate at a correctional facility in the Virginia mountains about a year ago. Tina's came from a lot closer to home, Lawrenceville Correctional.

Apparently, Calvin has been "incarcerated" for 33 years and needs a home when he gets paroled, since his parents died while he was in prison. Notice how inmates never tell you what they were "incarcerated" for! They also always use the word "incarcerated."

I'm all for second chances, but in this day and age, you can't be too careful. Besides, Tina's fiancee already works at a nearby prison, so she's already got her inmate!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hottie of the Week!

Phil Keating, reporter. One of the best reasons to watch Fox News. Bill who? Phil's the bomb!



Friday, August 22, 2008

The One! Or not!


How many houses do YOU have?

Oh good lord, I can't believe Obama has released an attack ad just because McCain can't list off the properties he and his wife own. First, his wife is from a rich family, there are a lot of properties. Second, some are condos for other members of the family. Does that count? Do the ones in his wife's name count? The fact that the Obama camp came up with 8 houses, and USA Today said 12, proves that maybe they should check with the McCain staffers, too.

The Power Line blog responded the best:

The truth is that McCain isn't out of touch with "ordinary people" because he's rich, he's out of touch with his own domestic arrangements because he cares little about material things, and for many years has devoted his extraordinary energies not to enjoying his wife's money, but to serving the American people. Given the number of nights he's spent in hotels or on military bases over the last few years, it's no wonder he hasn't seen much of his wife's condos.
If you want to see how in-tune McCain is with America, just check out him grilling out on the deck on his daughter's blog, McCain Bloggette. I don't agree with everything McCain stands for, but I seriously don't trust Obama. I don't think he's come clean on a lot of things, and America is giving him a pass on many of the tough issues. We still don't know who he is. I'm not sure he knows either.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Not the Real Thing

I guess if this is my biggest worry in the world, I'm doing okay, but this is really ticking me off. I drink Diet Coke. That's my drink of choice, for everything. It's what I'll always get out of a machine, and it's what I buy for home. I buy the 16.9 oz 6-pack of Diet Coke bottles for home, usually 3-4 packs at a time. I find there is less waste with the bottles, and if I bought cans I would want to put them in the fridge, and we don't have the fridge space.

So Coke just recently changed their caps on the plastic bottles. I have no clue why. I suppose it was a money issue. But now the ridges on the cap are further apart (see picture below) and they are softer or rounded ridges. So now I can't get a grip on the caps to unscrew them. Even using one of those rubber-gripper thingies doesn't make it much easier, and I certainly don't carry one of those around with me all the time. I guess I'll have to start doing that, since I usually try to take a fresh bottle of Diet Coke with me everywhere.

But that's not the end of the dilemma. I also used to use a FizzKeeper on any unfinished bottles so the Coke will stay fresh. And apparently, when Coke changed the outside of their caps, they changed the inside, because the threads are different, and my FizzKeepers don't fit anymore. So now any unfinished Diet Coke I leave in the bottle goes flat overnight.

It's the stupidest problem... I can't get into my Diet Cokes. Dumb? Yes. A problem? Most definitely, unless I want to change refreshments. Besides the fact I've always though it was dumb that Coke doesn't sell their 20 oz. bottles in 6-packs like Pepsi does.

What the hell were they thinking?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

License & Registration Please!

Do you see something wrong in this picture? Take a close look at the building in the middle. Do you see the bricks down the right side that are slightly darker than the rest of the bricks? That's where an 18-wheeler backed into the building, gouging a huge hole and sending dust flying inside.

And then check out the steel post in the foreground... where a truck just kept on going. Pulled the post, plus a good 3-foot square, 3-foot deep pocket of solid cement, right outta the ground!

Has anyone checked these guys' licenses lately? They all obviously need a remedial driving refresher course. And yes, I worry daily about my car in that parking lot, with delivery truck drivers who either can't see (what the guy who ran into the building said) or just don't pay attention (what the guy who ran over the pole said!)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Diabetic-Coma Sweet!

This seems to be everybody's favorite LOLDog that I've created!
funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Recommended Read

This is a great book and a great addition to my local history collection. I finally got it after having it on my Wish List since it was first published.

For anyone who doesn't know, Highway 58 (Virginia's longest road) runs from the coast at Virginia Beach all the way across the southern edge of the state to Cumberland Gap in the mountains, and it has defined just about all the stages of my life; from living in Clarksville for 20 years and knowing personally about Prestwould Plantation (wrote articles about it, toured it, sent cousins to see it) and Buffalo Springs (photographed it, stole lithia water from it, drive by it all the time) to getting a speeding ticket in Patrick County, shopping in Meadows of Dan, hitting the interstate in Hillsville, having family from Hyltons and probably being related to the Carters of the Carter Family Fold, to interviewing for a job at Berry Hill Plantation and working in South Hill. With the exception of my time spent in Indianapolis, my life has centered around this road, even when going to college in West Virginia and living in Western PA.

Joe Tennis, the author, is going to be at the local library in September and I plan to go and hear what he has to say. He learned things about local history I hadn't read anywhere else, so I'm curious to find out who he talked to. Will keep you posted. In the meantime, check out the book.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Problems with Obama

I've been trying to put into words the problems I have with Barrack Obama. But then I read a column by Washington Post syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer, and he said it pretty damn well. From his Audacity of Vanity column:

Americans are beginning to notice Obama's elevated opinion of himself. There's nothing new about narcissism in politics. Every senator looks in the mirror and sees a president. Nonetheless, has there ever been a presidential nominee with a wider gap between his estimation of himself and the sum total of his lifetime achievements?

Obama is a three-year senator without a single important legislative achievement to his name, a former Illinois state senator who voted "present" nearly 130 times. As president of the Harvard Law Review, as law professor and as legislator, has he ever produced a single notable piece of scholarship? Written a single memorable article? His most memorable work is a biography of his favorite subject: himself....

For the first few months of the campaign, the question about Obama was: Who is he? The question now is: Who does he think he is?
That sums up my main problem. And I have another question... if you knew you were going to do something historic (like becoming the first half-black president, yes, lets not forget he's only HALF black), wouldn't you wait until AFTER that to write your autobiography? And even if you're not that historic, but just think you are, who writes their autobiography in there 40s? (I may have started on mine, but I certainly don't plan to publish it for at least another 20-30 years. I mean, I hope there's more cool things to come, ya know?!)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Even the Idiots at Microsoft Use Macs!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

On This Day in 1997

A journal entry from Tuesday, August 5, 1997:

Hello to all intelligent life out there. And I don't mean outer space! I mean right here on earth. I was pretty blah all weekend. I just spent lots of money today. I bought tickets to 2 Colts games! The opener against New England on Sept. 7 and then our one stint at Monday Night Football on Oct. 9th. Agaist the Bills, which is Josh's team! Ha! I told Mom to make sure and tell Josh I'd be at that game! Pretty cool!

I'm still a Colts fan! And this was before Peyton Manning.

Oooh La La!

Isn't it bee-ooo-tee-ful!?!? Gorgeous even. We're talking, give Matthew McConaughey a run for his money! Sleeker, better abs, nicer edges! Major Wish List Alert (the iMac, not McConaughey).

Say what?

Yeah, we've all always had a hard time with Def Leppard lyrics! The thing with Def Leppard is, even once you know what the correct lyrics are, you're still saying WTF???


Monday, August 4, 2008

Too early for a glitch...

I only in the past few days decided to move my journal part of my website to blogger, because I've got some other blogs here. And now I can't upload a picture to my photo blog. Problem with me? The picture? Blogger? Okay, nothing to get upset about, but it is irksome! Especially when I've vowed to add a picture a day, and dammit, I actually had a picture for today! Typical of my life, I guess.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Journal Entry from this Day in 1991

I thought it would be interesting sometimes to write up some entries from my journals over the years. Apparently, I don't write much on August 1st coz I could only find 2 entries in 20 years of journals!

Watching the national news for the first time in ages. God, they're telling stuff I didn't even know happened. Like this girl scout bus going off an embankment in Cal. 4 girls were killed. Yesterday at work was so boring. I was so looking forward to seeing Angelo. He just brightens up my whole day! So Alisa and Surajue ended up on the elevator with me and we left the building at the same time so they were looking for him. Of course, they couldn't miss him. I introduced them... We went to Chinatown to a Chinese restaurant. It was a great place! I paid! I was treating him! Then we did our fave pasttime - shopping! I actually bought a biker jacket!! It's so cool! We also went back to Revolver Records and I got some posters (again!) and we roamed and took our time. We finally decided on a movie... So Ang and I came back to the dorm and we sat out in the courtyard and just talked for about 2 hours. When we were saying goodbye out front last night, there was this homeless guy watching us, smiling! ... I'm really considering coming back to NYC after graduation! I would love to work at Sassy Magazine.
Ha, that whole NYC thing didn't work out, did it? I still love it there. I've been back several times. Who knows? I might still get a job there one day. I'm open to it.

Hollywood Dog

I'm having way too much fun with I Has a Hot Dog! It's a site where you can post funny captions to doggy pictures. They have kitty pix, too, but those just don't interest me as much. Dogs are so damn funny! I've submitted a few, but don't have any on the site yet. This is one I just did today. Check out the live feed of the blog at the right! You know I only choose the BEST blogs and sites to link to.


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