Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I voted

I voted. I was #255 at about 7:40 am after the polls had been open since 6 am. That's pretty good for a town of around 1,200. We had less than 500 people total vote for Mayor back in May. I had to wait in line about half an hour. We had three voting machines this year (more than any other election). I noticed many people who had obviously never noted before, or at least hadn't voted in the past 8-12 years.

Polls have tightened in many battleground states, hopefully Virginia won't embarrass the hell out of me this year. I hate it when those in Northern Virginia get their way. There is so much more to Virginia that those people, but many forget that. A lot of Virginia is rural, small-town, mountainous. Wouldn't know that from the likes of Arlington, Alexandria, etc.

I seriously think that if anyone was undecided by the time they were in front of a voting machine, they are going to break for McCain. We still know so very little about Obama. Oh, he talks a good talk, but has ever proved he can deliver on the grandiose things he says? No. He has sealed his college records, his thesis, his medical records. How can someone running for public office get away with that? Especially when the Dems demanded Sarah Palin release her medical records. And all Obama has released is a letter from his doctor saying he's healthy. Yeah, right!

Obama thinks the only things we should go on in order to learn his character and background are the two books he has written about himself. As if because he wrote it, it must be true. Which isn't always the case. Even if he perceived it all to be the truth at the time, that doesn't mean that's what it actually was. I'm reading "Dreams of my Father." In it, Obama accuses his grandfather of his own "revisionist history." I think that's who Obama learned it from. You can change your own history whenever you want, as long as you repeat it enough times. That's what he accuses his own grandfather of doing, and it's what he has done since he began running for public office. That, to me, is scary. And I find it so hard to believe that otherwise smart people are falling for it. They are blinded by the light, so to speak. Obama is all rhetoric and no substance. He's the equivalent of a dumb blonde, or a stupid jock. All show, no substance. And a whole bunch of people are going to be sorely disappointed if he wins when he turns out to not be what they thought he was.

Election officials checking the rolls at the Community Center.


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