Sunday, July 25, 2010

No oysters until further notice.

That's the sign that was posted on the wall of an area seafood restaurant on Friday. You'd think this far north, we wouldn't be impacted very much by the BP oil leak. Maybe if you don't like seafood. I joked with the owner that maybe he could make a claim with BP, since I heard at least two other customers say they came just for the fried oysters. I didn't really think he'd qualify, since their buffet has lots of other foods on it. But he did tell me that his seafood distributor, who bought over $1 million worth of oysters from the Gulf last year, did not qualify for a claim because his business is not technically located on the gulf. That's the trickle down effect right there. Way more people have been affected than just those on the gulf. And that's by the leak itself. I won't even go into the politics of how many people are affected by the inane moratorium on gulf oil drilling. So as much as we love our fried oysters, that's a way smaller price to pay than those people in the gulf who are more directly affected. It's even way less than the trickle-down people who probably won't qualify for claims.

But hey, since when does Vice President Biden live close enough to the Gulf to qualify for a claim? After all, he billed a recent Gulf visit to BP. $75,000. That could have helped out a lot of struggling Gulf families.


Friday, July 2, 2010

Sisterly pride

My sister is the coolest and I have to share this awesome story about her. It started with sorrow when of her co-workers experienced a tragedy. Her co-worker"s schizophrenic son stabbed her other son in the head. One son is dead and the other is in jail. The funeral home said they could not even start on the funeral until my sister's co-worker gave them $5000. Of course, she didn't have that kind of money. No one does these days. My sister certainly doesn't, but she wanted to help. So my sister went and asked her boss if she could sell back some of her vacation days to the company. Her boss said yes. When her boss mentioned it to other co-workers, they all began selling back their vacation days until the company had the full $5000 to pay for the funeral.

People tell you to practice random acts of kindness every day, but few rarely do it. My sister does. And she won't toot her own horn, so I'm tooting it for her.

Love you, sis!



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