Friday, August 1, 2008

Journal Entry from this Day in 1991

I thought it would be interesting sometimes to write up some entries from my journals over the years. Apparently, I don't write much on August 1st coz I could only find 2 entries in 20 years of journals!

Watching the national news for the first time in ages. God, they're telling stuff I didn't even know happened. Like this girl scout bus going off an embankment in Cal. 4 girls were killed. Yesterday at work was so boring. I was so looking forward to seeing Angelo. He just brightens up my whole day! So Alisa and Surajue ended up on the elevator with me and we left the building at the same time so they were looking for him. Of course, they couldn't miss him. I introduced them... We went to Chinatown to a Chinese restaurant. It was a great place! I paid! I was treating him! Then we did our fave pasttime - shopping! I actually bought a biker jacket!! It's so cool! We also went back to Revolver Records and I got some posters (again!) and we roamed and took our time. We finally decided on a movie... So Ang and I came back to the dorm and we sat out in the courtyard and just talked for about 2 hours. When we were saying goodbye out front last night, there was this homeless guy watching us, smiling! ... I'm really considering coming back to NYC after graduation! I would love to work at Sassy Magazine.
Ha, that whole NYC thing didn't work out, did it? I still love it there. I've been back several times. Who knows? I might still get a job there one day. I'm open to it.


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