Tuesday, August 19, 2008

License & Registration Please!

Do you see something wrong in this picture? Take a close look at the building in the middle. Do you see the bricks down the right side that are slightly darker than the rest of the bricks? That's where an 18-wheeler backed into the building, gouging a huge hole and sending dust flying inside.

And then check out the steel post in the foreground... where a truck just kept on going. Pulled the post, plus a good 3-foot square, 3-foot deep pocket of solid cement, right outta the ground!

Has anyone checked these guys' licenses lately? They all obviously need a remedial driving refresher course. And yes, I worry daily about my car in that parking lot, with delivery truck drivers who either can't see (what the guy who ran into the building said) or just don't pay attention (what the guy who ran over the pole said!)


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