Friday, August 22, 2008

How many houses do YOU have?

Oh good lord, I can't believe Obama has released an attack ad just because McCain can't list off the properties he and his wife own. First, his wife is from a rich family, there are a lot of properties. Second, some are condos for other members of the family. Does that count? Do the ones in his wife's name count? The fact that the Obama camp came up with 8 houses, and USA Today said 12, proves that maybe they should check with the McCain staffers, too.

The Power Line blog responded the best:

The truth is that McCain isn't out of touch with "ordinary people" because he's rich, he's out of touch with his own domestic arrangements because he cares little about material things, and for many years has devoted his extraordinary energies not to enjoying his wife's money, but to serving the American people. Given the number of nights he's spent in hotels or on military bases over the last few years, it's no wonder he hasn't seen much of his wife's condos.
If you want to see how in-tune McCain is with America, just check out him grilling out on the deck on his daughter's blog, McCain Bloggette. I don't agree with everything McCain stands for, but I seriously don't trust Obama. I don't think he's come clean on a lot of things, and America is giving him a pass on many of the tough issues. We still don't know who he is. I'm not sure he knows either.


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