Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Maybe I should teach a class..

Stalking 101... Hey, you go with what you're good at right? I'm fresh from a road trip to my old stomping grounds, Pittsburgh PA where I took in hockey practice and a game.

Here is the cutest picture from practice, or rather, players leaving practice:

Mike Rupp #17. Defenseman. Big boy. 6'5". Drives a monster truck. And the cutest smile and dimple ever!

And the cutest from after the game:

Kris Letang #58. Half my age. French Canadian, meaning he speaks fluent french. Oui!

All in all, I got 8 autographs on my 10-year old Kasparaitis jersey! Very cool! Plus, I just love Pittsburgh in general. I had such fun there during my two years of graduate school. This time around, we ate dinner outside along Carson St. and then walked around taking in all the sights, meaning all the different people that are routinely found on Carson St. Bikers, punk rockers, hippies, sports fans, college kids, sluts, jocks, rockers. It's like Bourbon Street without the masks, Beale Street without the sidewalk boozing, or Duval Street without all the souvenir shops.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Somebody must be worried...

The other night, Leno had Sarah Palin on his show. The same night, Letterman had Mitt Romney on. Then last night, Jon Stewart spent 10 whole minutes (a lot when you only have a 30 minute show) ranting about Megyn Kelly from Fox News.

Me thinkest the Dems are getting a tad worried.

Hmm. What could they possibly have to worry about? They have a Dem president and a Dem Congress, they can pass anything they want. And what have they passed lately? Um, well, ah, healthcare? No. Cap & Trade? Nope. Oh wait, they did pass a resolution apologizing for slavery.

I don't know what they're bitching about.


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