Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Recommended Read

This is a great book and a great addition to my local history collection. I finally got it after having it on my Wish List since it was first published.

For anyone who doesn't know, Highway 58 (Virginia's longest road) runs from the coast at Virginia Beach all the way across the southern edge of the state to Cumberland Gap in the mountains, and it has defined just about all the stages of my life; from living in Clarksville for 20 years and knowing personally about Prestwould Plantation (wrote articles about it, toured it, sent cousins to see it) and Buffalo Springs (photographed it, stole lithia water from it, drive by it all the time) to getting a speeding ticket in Patrick County, shopping in Meadows of Dan, hitting the interstate in Hillsville, having family from Hyltons and probably being related to the Carters of the Carter Family Fold, to interviewing for a job at Berry Hill Plantation and working in South Hill. With the exception of my time spent in Indianapolis, my life has centered around this road, even when going to college in West Virginia and living in Western PA.

Joe Tennis, the author, is going to be at the local library in September and I plan to go and hear what he has to say. He learned things about local history I hadn't read anywhere else, so I'm curious to find out who he talked to. Will keep you posted. In the meantime, check out the book.


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