Friday, September 26, 2008

3rd Time is the Charm

Doubtful. For the third time since January 2005, I have to haul my iMac to the Apple store. Power supply problem. I just hope they'll still honor the warranty. If you know me, you know I'd rather use paper and pen than use a PC, I'd follow Apple to the ends of the Earth, but really! What's the deal with the faulty power supplies in the iMac G4s? If I'd had to pay for it last time (exactly a year ago to the month), it would have cost nearly $1000 (power supply & logic board.)

In other news... here is a journal entry from this day in 1990:

Wed. Sept. 26, 1990 - 4:51 pm
God! Lisa will love this! She loves the Doors! I'm at Kevin's at his band's rehearsal and he sounds just like Jim Morrison! She'll freak out! I'm sitting in the living room and they're in the bedroom. They're pretty damn good. I blew all my classes yesterday but did some yearbook brainstorming – Kevin just came and asked me what they should classify themselves as – he suggested "modern classic rock." I told him I'd think on it. Anyway, they're doing a slow song now. Yup, they're pretty good. – Well, yesterday, me and Tami Melvin went to Gumby's. Had a good time! Keef was there. – I gotta go.
Ah, memories! Lisa: still my best friend. Gumby's: my fave bar in college. Tami Melvin: a good friend in college, especially that first semester. I've emailed with her recently. Kevin: a cute longhair I dated once. Keef: the one that got away.


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