Saturday, October 11, 2008

You say it's your birthday

My sister Diana celebrated her big 5-0 on Oct. 5. We celebrated our usual way, with filet mignon and family board or card games! Diana looks like a seasoned poker pro. And c'mon, not a day over 49!

Like mother like son. Can you tell they're related? I'm not sure which one takes after the other. Don't ask me where Josh has playing cards at.

We played a card came called Fluxx, which just about describes my life! It's a game where the rules and goals are ever-changing. It's like Schizophrenic Uno.

The food was good (Josh has that grill down to a science, it's a guy-thing, I think) and we had more sauteed mushrooms to go around because 2nd son Jake couldn't make it (everybody but Diana loves those things!)

After awhile, we got tired of being silly with no reason, so we drug out the gallon of Cuervo Gold and tried to remember how to do shots (been a long time, you know). Problem was, no lemons, and no shot glasses. We decided to just forget about the citrus, but check out what we used as shot glasses! Little plastic ketchup cups! Worked in a pinch! It reminded me of taking shots of Nyquil! Now if I can just remember where in the garage my shot glasses are packed up at, we can finish off that bottle one night! Woohoo! My birthday is coming up, you know!



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