Friday, August 14, 2009

The Lowest of the Low.

I'm not a huge Bill O'Reilly fan. I'm more prone to watching Glenn Beck rant about things we probably don't know about. O'Reilly actually gives more people the benefit of the doubt than I think they deserve.

A guy named Matthew Littman, which Fox News identifies as a "democratic strategist" was on an episode of O'Reilly when Mike Huckabee was sitting in. Huckabee has some great ideas. When I Google this Littman asshole, the first thing that comes up is the Huffington Post. To me, that puts him way past a "democratic strategist." That puts him in the category of "loon!"

It's one thing that people have different views. I can handle that. But the personal attacks against Sarah Palin have really made me think less of many of my fellow Americans. And this jerk sinks to the level of making it sexist in this segment:

What makes this even worse is that tonight, this jerk-oid was on again and said this time that he'd only listen to what Palin had to say when she was one of the contestants on Flavor Flav's show.


This is the lowest type of low when it comes to the male gender. He thinks he's being cute and smart, even smiling while Laura Ingram calls him out on it, but he doesn't realize he demeans every woman out there. He claimes it's not a personal attack and that just shows you how stupid and sexist he is because he doesn't even realize it. He'd never make a comment like that about a man.

I'm not a card-carrying feminist or anything, but sometimes, things just really rile me up. This was one of them.


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