Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hottie of the Week!

I guess at this rate, he should be Hottie of the Month, or maybe Hottie of the Summer, since I don't post these that often. I think if I post one each week, that just belittles the ones I choose. Then again, if I post one a week, that's more hot guys to watch out for! Hmm, dilemmas.

This is Jared Padalecki, of the TV show "Supernatural," that I've never watched. Might have to check it out now. (He's formerly of "Gilmore Girls," too.) I just saw the latest "Friday the 13th" installment. #12! Do you believe it? It's a pretty good horror movie. No surprises, nothing new, just a well-made, well-acted, kill-all-the-teenagers bloodbath-in-the-dark kind of movie.

But it's also got Danielle Panabaker (Shark's daughter in the old TV show of the same name) and Amanda Righetti (now of "The Mentalist"), both of which I like very much. And if you know me at all, you know I'm really picky on the actresses I like. Don't like many.

If you like hot guys, though, "Friday the 13th" is well worth the rental fee just for Jared. But don't get upset, coz he's not even in the first half-hour of the movie. Still good, tho. This movie harkens back to the first two, which were just plain ole horror movies, nothing too crazy, with lots of teenagers having sex and pretending to be camping. Still worth it for the actual "actors" in it, not to be confused with the soft-porn stars for the non-acting parts! lol.


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