Friday, May 22, 2009

The Rose Diaries

A rose bush came with our house when we bought it. We've never done anything with it. People say roses are hard, so we didn't bother. They always bloomed except for last year, when there was only one flower on it. I think that's because the previous hear someone had run over the bush with the lawn mower.

But this year, wow, it just bloomed all over the place. The branches and roses are heavy so the whole thing just sagged to the ground. I didn't think that was very attractive so I decided to get a trellis for it.

Have you priced trellises lately? A 4-foot 3-pronged single-sided metal one from Lowe's was over $10, and I wanted more than just a single-sided one. Thought about putting two or three together, but rejected that for price reasons.

Decided to make my own for a few bucks and a few wooden dowels and ta-da. Here it is.

I figure since I paid attention to it, the roses will most certainly die now. Oh well...


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